ITAS corporate helps find out the subjects with internet fraud quickly

ITAS has recently, in conjunction with the Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city and Quang Tri Province Police, discovered a group of subjects setting up fraudulent websites with the purpose of “convincing” Internet users for fraud. This is the first time this kind of crime was brought to light.
The way this group of subjects operate is to create various fraudulent with login process when users log in these websites, their passwords and users name will be stolen. In addition, these hackers sell these fraudulent websites to other fraudulent subjects. After having victims’ accounts and passwords, hackers continue to pretend that the victims ask the people in list of friends to buy phone cards or through other fraudulent acts for the purpose of taking people’s money.
These fraudulent acts are not new but has happened in a long period, leading to many people being cheated. In order to minimize the damage, Mr . Pham Kien Cuong, directors of ITAS corporate warns: Internet users, in case they receive any important information via chat, email, should prudently counter-verify (via phone or other normal ways), especially money borrowing. In addition, when receiving links, users should copy them to their computers and check senders’ addresses again, avoiding checking in a hurry, especially links relating to accounts, personal information, banks, credit cards……
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