About us

Who we are?


TAS Vietnam is one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam specializing in providing system and information safety solutions and services, incorporated under the license No. 0310299661, issued by the Ho Chi Minh city Department of Planning & Investment. We provide the services including: checking, diagnosing, tracking, recovering breakdowns and training in information safety at the business’s request.

To develop ITAS Corporation into in the field of the one of international standards information security.

We concentrate on providing customers with assistance in continually improving the security levels of information and system. Information security for customers is the main objective of our business operations. In order to achieve this, we are committed to providing high- quality products, professional services with high as well as continually improving ourself.

ITAS core value

  • Humanism, sustainable development.
  • Prestige, dedicated staff to customers.
  • Work profession and discipline.
  • Employee harmony and responsibility.

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