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Dear partners and customers, from the date 01/10/2013, ITAS Company officially moved the company headquarters from 459A Nguyen Kiem, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District to address: 24 Dang Thai Mai, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan, HCMC. Other information of the company as well as the rights and obligations of the company will not be changed.
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ITAS provides free to units in security assistance check

Currently, network security is a complicated matter as there are more and more attacks on network systems especially on governmental authorities’ system (some Chinese hackers attacks and change the Vietnamese website interface….), financial institutions (Google, IMF….) Hackers’ motive has changed gradually to their own profits and destructions. More dangerously, the way hackers attacks on systems is more and more sophisticated and organized.
In Viet Nam, the network security in some enterprises as well as governmental organizations is currently underestimated, resulting in hackers being able to take advantage of the weaknesses to access the systems to steal information and perform destructive acts (e.g hundreds of Vietnamese websites are attacked by Chinese hackers, resulting in change of interface)

ITAS corporate helps find out the subjects with internet fraud quickly

ITAS has recently, in conjunction with the Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city and Quang Tri Province Police, discovered a group of subjects setting up fraudulent websites with the purpose of “convincing” Internet users for fraud. This is the first time this kind of crime was brought to light.
The way this group of subjects operate is to create various fraudulent with login process when users log in these websites, their passwords and users name will be stolen. In addition, these hackers sell these fraudulent websites to other fraudulent subjects. After having victims’ accounts and passwords, hackers continue to pretend that the victims ask the people in list of friends to buy phone cards or through other fraudulent acts for the purpose of taking people’s money.
These fraudulent acts are not new but has happened in a long period, leading to many people being cheated. In order to minimize the damage, Mr . Pham Kien Cuong, directors of ITAS corporate warns: Internet users, in case they receive any important information via chat, email, should prudently counter-verify (via phone or other normal ways), especially money borrowing. In addition, when receiving links, users should copy them to their computers and check senders’ addresses again, avoiding checking in a hurry, especially links relating to accounts, personal information, banks, credit cards……
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Participating in discussions about information security

One of the most prominent events of the communication information technology industry of Vietnam of the year 2010. That is the event program “Day of information technology of Vietnam of 2010” held by the Viet Nam information safety Association ( abbreviated VNISA ) in conjunction with VNCERT with the guaranty of governmental and broadcasting authorities.

This is an annual event held on the 16th , 17th and 18th days of October 2010 at New World restaurant, 76 Le Lai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city. The topic is “ National digital information safety planning – the Road ahead”, will indicate the state policies and determinations in enhancing information technology research and application in general and information safety in private as well as being an opportunity to access, and share the most advanced security technologies in the area of information safety, and to access, get to know information advertise the images of organizations, enterprises which are interested in the area of information safety…..
The event this year attracts the interest of many governmental leaders, organizations, broadcasting authorities, Enterprises in the city, of which there is ITAS corporate, and especially the participation of leading providers of solutions and technologies such as Cisco, Oracle, HP, Check Point, Trend Micro, Astaro, Kaspersky, Vietinbank…

ITAS has received a certificate of merit from the Ho Chi Minh city Police

ITAS corporate has been honored with a certificate of merit for achievements in providing support and tracking hi- tech criminals in the movement for the nation security protection.